Below are several Global Resources for Expatriates (An expatriate or expat is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country other than that of their upbringing). Additional global resources are included on pages for LANGUAGES, TEACHING OR LEARNING ENGLISH, and MILITARY.

Expat Arrivals
Select the country and city you are moving to and find a wealth of essentials resources on that area.

Anglo Info for Expats
The AngloINFO mission is to give you the clear, hard, reliable information about living and moving abroad. It is one of the Global Team’s favorite expatriate websites here at IMPACT Group!

Youth Compass – Third Culture Kids
YouthCompass seeks to address the unique needs of mobile international high school and middle school students. In order to navigate life with international teens in a particular city, a local board, staff, and volunteers work together. Youth Compass communities are active in Uruguay, Argentina, Belgium, Germany, and are expanding to Asia with hopes of starting even more communities on other continents in the next few years.

Third Culture Kids Article
Have you ever met someone born in China, grew up in Scotland, went to school in America, and now works in India? Third-culture kids spend many years outside of their home culture, but never quite adapt to their host culture either. Growing up as third-culture kids is challenging, but children often benefit from this expatriate life-style. Intercultural experiences help them grow into successful professionals.

Sesame Street’s Global Grover Tool Kit
Learning about other cultures encourages children to respect different opinions, try new things, build curiosity about the world, and feel good about who they are. Children are natural explorers, eager to discover new people, places, objects, and ideas.

Kids All Over the World Sesame Street songs and playlists.

10 Activities to Teach Your Children about World Cultures
A list of ideas for interactive games you can play with your children.