Language Learning for Kids

Do you speak more than one language? These resources may help you maintain your language skills.
This website will allow you to select from a list of 220 languages and learn through language memory games, practice, and interactive flashcards.

Internet Polyglot
This website has an expansive list of lessons and games for 35 different languages (including Spanish, French, English, Czech, Arabic, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, and more). Read a lesson on German car vocabulary then play a game using the words you just learned! You can play vocabulary guessing games, matching games, typing games, and more.

Learn Languages for Free
Scroll through these 40 languages (including Spanish, English, Chinese and more) to find a long list of free language iTunes downloads, websites, and resources for you.

Continued Resources (for Parents)

Stay Fluent: 10 Ways to Maintain Your Foreign Language Skills
Click here to read about how you can enhance your language skills: 1. Listen to international music. 2. Get into foreign cinema. 3. Seek international news sources. 4. Read foreign books. 5. Connect with others in foreign lands. 6. Explore neighborhoods. 7. Join a language club. 8. Serve as an ESL tutor. 9. See the world. 10. Revisit language learning resources.

Language Learning
Click here to read about language and the emphasis on nature, experience and usage, and why further study is needed. This resource is from the National Science Foundation.

Language Acquisition
This 2012 article highlights a TED Talk video (available in 44 different languages) and briefly details information about the early theories of language acquisition, universal grammar, contemporary research, and recommended readings.