How to Prepare

Moving is oftentimes a scary topic to discuss with your children. It’s no secret that moving not only changes your life, but even more so, the lives of your kids. Here are some links that provide information on how to talk to them about your move. In addition to the links below, there are more resources on the pages about EASING STRESS, RECOMMENDED BOOKS and DISASTER RELIEF RESOURCES.

Moving with Teens
This article discusses the disturbance moving has on a teenaged child’s life, but lists many tips on how to talk and listen to your teen, and even get them on board with your family’s decision to relocate.

Preparing Kids for Moving Abroad
Discusses the course of action for preparing your children for a global move. Steps include, letting your kids participate in the planning process, communicating the details, creating stability, having a going away party, and continuing to support your kids once you all are in the new area.

13 Helpful Books for Moving Abroad with Children compiled a list of books that are recommended to help ease the transition to a different culture, guiding your family through everything from saying good bye, to friends and family, to understanding how culture shock affects us, and finally to repatriation. These books should help you not only survive your life as an expat but thoroughly enjoy this exciting time.

International Movers: How to Move Abroad with your Kids
This article discusses the different ways to make your children (pre-school to high school ages) feel they are getting to make some decisions when it comes to the new house and the new area.

Expat Mums Blog: Tips for Moving Abroad with Children
This parenting blog provides information on what challenges go with moving abroad with children, important things to remember, and advice for kids of all ages. Moving your Family Abroad
This parenting website discusses the importance of not only talking to your kids about their feelings on the move, but also your spouse. It provides the questions many children will have, and ways to answer them.

Expat Arrivals: Preparing Your Kids for Living Abroad
Read this article for tips on preparing your children for the move abroad and for ongoing support.