Military Resources

Military Resources

One of our readers found this page very helpful. She said, “We are in the process of moving once again and with children and pets, it can be quite the challenging task. While I was looking for some moving tips I came across your helpful page. Your links brought me to some really good information – Thanks!” Susan L. also shared the following U-Pack resource with us. Let us know what you think of our website and if you have additional resources that will help families as well !

U-Pack: Military Families Article
This “Moving Information and Resources for Military Families” article has a thorough list of resources for you about military lifestyles, moving services, checklists, and advice, as well as a short paragraph on how to find child care, adjust to a new community, empathize with the kids, and more. Enjoy!

Military One Source – Families on the Move
“Are you moving? Whether it’s your 1st military move or your 15th, the U.S. Military’s Relocation Assistance Program can help you get organized, make smart financial decisions, understand your allowances and manage stress. Use these resources, tools and articles to make your next move a smooth one.” Military OneSource 24/7 family assistance: 1.800.342.9647.

Military One Source – Military Youth on the Move
This kid-friendly website has a wealth of information on packing, saying goodbye, healthy eating, money management, how to be the new kid, getting involved in school, social media safety, and more. There are sections specific for kids (age 6-8), pre-teens (age 9-12), teenagers (age 13-17), and parents. When you are dealing with problems with the move, at school or at home, it can sometimes feel like you’re all alone. You are not! You can also click here for an interactive Military Kids Connect resource.

Moving with Children Article
“A PCS (Permanent Change of Station) is a ‘moving’ experience in more ways than one. No matter how often families change residence, moving brings with it a variety of emotions and situations. When it comes to your children it is very important that you take the time to allow them to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences related to the impending move and once you have arrived at your new location.” In this article, you will also find a list of helpful books for relocating kids and teens.