Staying in Touch

During the process of moving, you can create a plan to make it easier to stay in touch with friends and family. You can check out more ideas on the pages on BLOGGING, E-CARDS plus SKYPE and WEBCAMS.

Do you have all of your friends’….

  • Email Addresses?
  • Home Addresses?
  • Phone numbers?
  • Skype names?
  • Birthdays? – a good excuse to reconnect with a friend from home
  • AIM/MSN chat/etc, ID names?

And make sure your friends have your new information, too!

Do you have pictures of your friends? If you have a video camera, maybe record messages of your friends saying goodbye.

Get a big blank book, or scrap book, and have your friends fill it in with messages, pics, etc. This could be part of the contact information gathering process.

Take pictures and videos of your favorite places and things from where you lived. You can also make a scrapbook that reminds you of your hometown.

Ask your parents if you can set up a photo-sharing website that you can invite your friends to view! That way, they will know what your new area is like and how you are doing!

ClockTime Zones/ Contacting People Abroad

Use the following resources to learn about time zones and contacting people who live in other countries.

The World Clock
This website displays the current time zones around the world. Search for time zones by city or use the Meeting Planner function to make sure you are contacting someone at a reasonable hour. Use this tool to plan ahead before you make your calls.

U.S. Time Zones
This resource displays a map listing the current time of each U.S. time zone. The map also observes daylight savings time. Use this map to brush up on the U.S. time zones before making calls to different parts of the country.

How to Call Abroad
Use this resource for information on how to dial international numbers. Simply select where you are calling from and where you are calling to, and “submit query.” You then will receive instructions on how to successfully dial any phone number from your current location.