Art and Culture

Utilize the following resources to learn about international culture or to locate cultural activities near your new home!


Utilize the following resources to learn about how you can get involved artistically in your new location. See below for information on the performing arts, the visual arts, and music (vocal and instrumental).

Performing Arts
If you are interested in getting involved with the performing arts, first check to see what extra curricular activities are offered at your school. Drama clubs, theatre performances, and show choirs may be offered at your school. You also may want to check with local community centers, such as the YMCA, or local community theatre companies. If you enjoying watching the performing arts, check to see what theatres are located in your new location and check to see if they have an online calendar. Local universities also may have shows open to the public.

Community Theatre Search
The American Association of Community Theatre (AACT) is a membership organization for community theatre companies that support the theatre community in cities across the nation. Click here to search for community theatre AACT member companies by state. Learn about the theatres that are active in your community so that you can get involved or watch the shows!

Visual Arts
For those interested in the visual arts, try checking with your school district to see what resources are offered or to see if any art fairs are being publicized. Try checking with local community centers and the local parks and recreation office. Finally, search for art museums and art galleries in the area.

Pottery Painting Store Locator
In order to find pottery painting stores near your home, scroll down and select a location by U.S. metro area, city, or region. Then click on “Go” to be directed to a list of stores that offer this near your home!

Classes at Michaels Stores
Learn about arts and craft classes offered by Michaels Stores throughout the United States. Creativity is always in session.

Tate Kids
The Tate Museum in the United Kingdom has a kid-friendly website where you can play games, watch related films, download coloring book pages, view ideas for crafts, and create art online.

Creative Connections!
Creative Connections provides preschool activities to enhance developmental in motor, pre-academic, communication, and social domains. The activities are simple and use inexpensive materials that you can find at local craft stores and departments.

Teen Ink
Teen Ink is an online magazine for writing and art for teens. You can also submit your writing or poetry and get published.


Culture represents a set of shared attitudes, values, and activities of a particular region. For example, some games, traditions, food, art, and ideas differ according to diverse groups of people. After moving to your new location, you may notice that the “culture” is different from your norm. To learn about the culture of your new location, try locating historic sites and local history museums to become aware of the area’s background. Go to local restaurants and meet local people in order to familiarize yourself with the culture so that you can understand and appreciate the differences before you become frustrated.

National Geographic: Country Profiles
Learn about the history, geography, and culture of countries around the world in a fun and interactive manner.

This website has language learning and games in French, Spanish, Italian, German, and English for children.

My wonderful world: Information about geography and culture separated by continent.

Information about geography for kids including coloring pages of the continents.

USA Geography Web Games
Play games to familiarize yourself with U.S. geography.

Things to Do
Click on your U.S. state to be taken to a directory of “things to do.” Then, click on the city or region where you live to learn more. You will learn about attractions, events, and restaurants in your area.

Museums USA 
Search for museums located near your U.S. zip code. Simply enter your zip code in the “change location” box to receive a listing of those museums located nearest to your home.